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Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

  • Juxin Leasing always sticks to the enterprise spirit of “gathering” during its development, to gather integrity to create high-quality brand and strength to requite the love of the society. It focuses on the industries closely in relation to people’s livelihood, such as education, health care and utility services, and closely links the social responsibility of the enterprise with its development strategy to share the value by giving support to industries in relation to people’s livelihood. As at the end of 2017, there were more than 500 schools, hospitals, enterprises and institutions in cooperation with Juxin Leasing, with fund offered totaling roughly RMB33 billion. The education that benefits both the nation and the people, the health care that benefits the mankind and the utility services that are good for government and people are of great importance to the development of the country. Juxin Leasing is making its contribution to the prosperity of China through targeted business distribution and catering to the national development strategy to serve the real economy.

  • “Poverty alleviation and common prosperity” are important goals of social development for China. Juxin Leasing supports and promotes the development and construction of impoverished counties by actively responding to the national call for “targeted approach to alleviating poverty”. During its business expansion, Juxin Leasing considers “poverty alleviation” as an important issue and gives great support to the development of education, health care and utility services in impoverished counties through its major business. As at the end of 2017, the customers from impoverished counties in cooperation with Juxin Leasing accounted for one fourth of its total customer count, most of such customers being located in Central and Western China. The financing and leasing services offered by Juxin Leasing plays a vital role in promoting the development of impoverished regions.

  • Juxin Leasing sticks to the business policy that gives priority to serve impoverished counties, meet the demand of financing and leasing projects in the impoverished regions and to help the impoverished counties to develop schools, hospitals, hydropower plants, water works and others. Juxin Leasing adopted the most suitable service strategies based on the actual conditions of each impoverished county to actively promote and support the accelerated construction and improvement of infrastructure and other livelihood projects in impoverished counties, thus improving the living conditions of the local residents. Juxin Leasing is focuses on gathering resources to help impoverished regions to achieve steady development in the long run to shake off poverty. “We can achieve common prosperity only when everyone is rich.” Juxin Leasing helps the government truly achieve the goal of poverty alleviation as soon as possible by giving support to the development of impoverished counties.

  • “Paying tax is a glorious duty benefits both the nation and the people.” Taxation is the foundation of a country and the “cornerstone” for the country’s development. The tax payment by Juxin Leasing increases year by year as its business scale grows steadily. Juxin Leasing was honored by the government of Xuhui District of Shanghai as “Enterprise with Annual Tax Payment over RMB 100 Million in 2016”. As at the end of 2017, the total tax payment by Juxin Leasing accumulated about RMB670 million, constantly helping the national economic development.

  • “People foremost, harmony and win-win”: Juxin Leasing firmly believes that the development of employees will drive the advance of the company and even the society. As for the care for the employees, Juxin Leasing attaches great importance to the healthy growth of employees, sets a smooth career path for them, establishes sound training and management system and improve the salary and welfare system, gives the employees a platform for self-display and create an office and growth environment that is open, friendly, inclusive and equal. In order to ensure the employees are healthy physically and mentally, Juxin Leasing organizes such activities as group trip, excursion and physical examination to help them balance their work and rest. The Company also shows its care of the employees by celebrating traditional festivals and giving gifts on festivals and holidays, to make them feel being part of a warm big family. The spare time life of employees is also enriched by giving them books for free and organizing various cultural and recreational activities, promoting the exchange and communication between them. “Unity, sharing and progress” can effectively enhance their sense of happiness and sense of belonging.

  • “The course of an enterprise starts with responsibility.” The fulfillment of social responsibility is a duty of every enterprise. Juxin Leasing will consider “gathering the strength of all people to foster a system of people’s livelihood” as the highest guiding principle for social responsibility, and will actively take part in the public welfare cause to requite the society and help national development. In 2018, Juxin Leasing launched a Care for Student public welfare program and organized Juxin Leasing Volunteer Service Team to visit three primary schools in impoverished counties in Honghe Prefecture, Yunnan Province. Books, album of paintings, sports equipment, teaching equipment and other badly needed materials are donated to help the primary schools to build a library. Juxin Leasing also organized a “pair-work reading activity for pupils from Shanghai, Luxi and Yuanyang”. The children are paired up to raise their interest and habit for reading through sharing one book, sharing their reaction to the book and communicating via letters. Public welfare cause is the second life of an enterprise, an important waypoint on its course of development and also the value that Juxin Leasing sticks to all the time. The Company will strive to carry forward the good Chinese tradition and virtue and forge ahead step by step toward the goal in mind, making its contribution to building a loving, harmonious and prosperous society. Juxin Leasing will launch public welfare activity in diversified ways to carry on the strength of love all the way.