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On January 15, with the theme of “New Era, New Glory, New Departure”, 2018 Xuhui Top 100 Enterprises Award Concert was held at the main concert hall of the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, where Juxin Leasing was invited to attend the event. The list of top 100 enterprises in Xuhui District was announced at the award ceremony. Juxin Leasing  won the “2018 Xuhui Top 100 Enterprises Contribution Award”.


Scene of the award concert


2018 List of Top 100 Enterprises in Xuhui District


A leader of Juxin Leasing accepted the award (middle)

This event, organized by the Xuhui District Committee and Xuhui District Government, recognized and encouraged enterprises promoting the innovation-driven development in Xuhui District via the “List of Top 100 Enterprises in Xuhui District”, and aimed to promote enterprises in Xuhui District to become bigger and stronger and expand the social influence of the top 100 enterprises in Xuhui District. Bao Bingzhang, Secretary of the Xuhui District Committee, Fang Shizhong, District Mayor of Xuhui and other members of the leading group, as well as important enterprise representatives from all walks of life in Xuhui District attended the award ceremony on the spot. Secretary Bao and Mayor Fang delivered speeches respectively on the scene, expressing their heartfelt thanks to all enterprises that have long been concerned about and supported the work of Xuhui District Government and putting forward expectations and requirements for new development of enterprises in Xuhui District in a new year.


Bao Bingzhang, Secretary of the Xuhui District Committee gave a speech on the scene


Fang Shizhong, District Mayor of Xuhui delivered a speech on the scene


Juxin Leasing received the “2018 Xuhui Top 100 Enterprises Contribution Award”

The “List of Top 100 Enterprises in Xuhui District” set the district-level income amount within the total annual tax payment of the enterprise as the shortlist criteria. With excellent business performance, Juxin Leasing was listed in. With strong shareholder background, Juxin Leasing has made the company bigger and stronger relying on precise market positioning, strict risk control means, nation-wide marketing system as well as business development and innovation. The company always adheres to the business philosophy of service first, and provides customers with professional and satisfactory services. It has made deep and intensive efforts in the finance leasing industry, continuously strengthened the relationship with the existing customers and developed new customers, so as to expand the market share. With the steady development of business scale, Juxin Leasing became one of the major taxpayers in Xuhui District and was awarded the “2016 Over-RMB100 Million Taxpayer Award” by the Shanghai Xuhui District Government. The “2018 Xuhui Top 100 Enterprises Contribution Award” by the People’s Government of Xuhui District reflects full recognition of business benefits of Juxin Leasing. Juxin Leasing was grateful to the government for the honor and would continue to maintain a steady pace of development in the future to contribute to the brand construction of Shanghai, provide motive force supporting the national economic construction, contribute to the economic development and construction of Xuhui District and make progress together with other top 100 enterprises.


Scene of the award concert

After the award ceremony, the concert presented a superb auditory feast for everyone. The performance of representative classical works related to the process of the 40th anniversary of China’s reform and opening up expressed people’s passion in music and enthusiastically eulogized the glorious achievements in 40 years since the reform and opening up of our great motherland.