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Organized by the Party Working Committee of the Xujiahui Sub-district recently, all Party members of Juxin Leasing went to the cinema to watch the Running to the Spring, a new film presented to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening up.

The film Running to the Spring tells the story of an enthusiastic village head responsible for villagers made choices and stuck to them on behalf of the collective and individuals, facing a series of tough problems in the process of preparing a stage of an international mountain marathon race in their village. The film, presenting the great achievements made in the current grassroots governance in rural areas and the new appearance of the countryside where people are the masters of the country, is a realistic masterpiece showing new country features.

After viewing, Party members of Juxin Leasing were full of praise for pastoral scenery of lucid waters and lush mountains in the film. The new rural areas presented a picture of vitality and prosperity. The positive story played in the film touched the heart of each moviegoer. The spirit and behavior of the hero’s dedication to work, selfless contribution as well as impartiality and love for the people deeply touched the party members present, letting them more deeply realize that staying true to the mission and serving the people wholeheartedly is the great mission that every party member should actively fulfill in his or her whole life.