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On December 7, Juxin International Leasing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Juxin Leasing”) successfully issued RMB1.428 billion phase II asset-backed securities in 2018 at the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

For the ABS special program, Huatai Securities (Shanghai) Asset Management Co., Ltd. served as manager, Shenwan Hongyuan Securities Co., Ltd. served as asset management adviser, while United Ratings Co., Ltd. served as credit rating agency. In this phase, we issued RMB570 million preferred A-1 asset-backed securities, RMB355 million preferred A-2, RMB260 million preferred A-3, RMB30 million preferred A-4, RMB85 million preferred B-1, RMB43 million preferred B-2 and RMB85 million subordinated securities.

The ABS special program boasts high quality of pooled assets with tenants distributed in 18 provinces/municipalities and prefectures, representing high dispersity, and industries concentrated in education, healthcare and public utility sectors, representing strong anti-economic cycle capacity and low default risk. The asset-backed securities issued in this phase were actively subscribed by a number of financial institutions. As an asset service company, Juxin Leasing has always adhered to high risk control standards and has steadily completed subsequent management and settlement work. As of the end of November 2018, structured financing program under management paid about RMB12 billion of principal and interest, and managed and recovered 6,000 items of rentals.

Juxin Leasing has made dedicated efforts in the industry with a focus on livelihood sectors including quality education, healthcare and public utility, which boasts strong anti-risk cycle capacity of cooperation clients and high quality of rental underlying assets. With advantages in corporate management, business field, model innovation, financing channel, asset management, among others, the Company shows strong model effect in the industry. With strong market expansion capacity, outstanding asset management ability and high quality rental assets favorably recognized in the market, it ranks top in the industry in terms of comprehensive strength.

“Financing difficulty of private companies” is an economic hot issue in China. As an outstanding private company, Juxin Leasing continuously expands diversified financing channels with sound and efficient operation philosophy highly recognized by capital market. It maintains strong capital access ability in spite of the current economic situation. In 2018, the Company has received great capital support from bank credit and successfully launched products in asset securitization business, so that funds raised can energetically support the implementation of the Company’s business.