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The “2018 Annual Conference of China Financial Leasing”, organized by the China Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment and undertaken by the China Leasing Business Association of China Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment(the “CLBA”), was held on December 5-6 in Beijing. The annual conference gathered representatives from financial leasing companies and relevant organizations all over the country, and Juxin Leasing also attended this annual conference. During the general meeting of the CLBA on December 5, members of the new council were elected. Juxin Leasing signed up for election of new Vice Chairman as a council member and successfully elected as the Vice Chairman of the CLBA with a landslide after fierce competition. Besides, Juxin Leasing was awarded the “Company of the Year” prize during the dinner party of the China Financial Leasing Annual Conference. It may be called double blessing.


2018 China Financial Leasing Annual Conference


Members of the new council of the CLBA

Since its participation in the CLBA in 2010, Juxin Leasing, with great enthusiasm for financial leasing industry and strong sense of responsibility for work of the CLBA, has made dedicated efforts to promote the development of the CLBA over the 8 years. The CLBA plays a significant part as the bridge and bond between government, business and market. And Juxin Leasing has received great support from the CLBA during its development. Now elected as the Vice Chairman, Juxin Leasing will assume greater responsibility, provide constant support to the CLBA, actively participate in CLBA activities, energetically support various tasks of the CLBA, and enhance exchange and cooperation between members of the CLBA with a view to opening a new chapter of industry together, striving to make new contributions to jointly facilitating work of the CLBA and the prosperous development of financial leasing industry.


Juxin Leasing senior executive delivering election speech

This year is the 30th year since the inception of the CLBA. On the evening of December 5, it held a grand celebration dinner and financial leasing list awards ceremony, during which Juxin Leasing won the “Company of the Year” prize again. The “Company of the Year” prize can be called as a symbolic prize of the financial leasing industry, which has high requirements and standards in aspects like asset under management, asset organization, development strategy, innovation, demonstration, risk prevention and control, business field, industrial influence, reputation, among others . By examining and evaluating the qualifications of thousands of financial leasing companies across China, a large number of judges composed of industrial experts and scholars carefully evaluate candidate companies and consider various factors so as to prudentially select 10 qualified outstanding companies. And Juxin Leasing has won this prize by its strong comprehensive strength and outstanding industrial performance.


Juxin Leasing senior executive receiving the “Company of the Year” prize


Juxin Leasing awarded the 2018 “Company of the Year” prize

With rapid development, the financial leasing industry of China plays an essential role in serving economic structure adjustment and supporting real enterprise transformation and upgrading. Meanwhile, under the new economic situation and regulation environment, the financial leasing industry is faced with new challenges. In the future, Juxin Leasing will continue to make use of its advantages, with an aim to provide high-quality and satisfying financial services for clients while making greater contributions to the development of the CLBA so as to promote the financial leasing industry to better support the development of real economy.