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On November 24, the CIIC Cup 13th Fitness Competition for World-Renowned Enterprises in China—E Surfing Urban Orienteering was held in No. 2 Escalator Plaza of Shanghai Stadium. Among the 150 representative teams from Shanghai, Juxin Leasing representative team stood out in the fierce competition by winning championship of “Route I” team and pocketing the trophy and medal.


Juxin Leasing receiving championship trophy of the orienteering


Juxin Leasing receiving championship medal of the orienteering

The competition was organized by Shanghai Administration of Sports, Shanghai Sports Federation, Shanghai Federation of Trade Unions and China International Intellectech (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Shanghai boasts distinctive Shanghai culture and humanistic quality, so the routes, landmarks and landscapes in the E Suring Urban Orienteering embody the development track of a Chinese modern city, enabling players to explore the cultural accumulation behind its splendid scenery during the competition.

The competition included three routes, with each formed by task point coordinates. Participation teams should complete corresponding tasks according to coordinates provided in the task brief in APP. Teams arriving at the finishing line will be ranked according to total time spent, and top three winners of each route will receive trophy and prize. It was a fierce competition involving physical capacity, intelligence, sense of direction and teamwork. With outstanding tenacity and stable performance, Juxin Leasing representative team stood out from 50 teams of Route I and won the championship by good teamwork!

Juxin Leasing attaches great significance to staff culture construction, advocates healthy lifestyle, and calls on employees to love sports, care for health, demonstrate a positive and aggressive attitude!